100 miles on the Katy Trail

This was our first bike-packing trip and sort of a trial run for the B.O.B. trailer.  We got shuttle service from Maxine and Pete, which I highly recommend. They took us to Mokane, MO. where we could ride back to our vehicle in Sedalia, MO. at our own pace.

Surly Disc Trucker and Kona Jake were our weapons of choice.

There are many bridges along the way.

This is a nice place to stay in Tebbets for only $5.

It’s got many bunk beds, and reminds me of church camp.

The upstairs has a ping pong table.

There are showers, and a refrigerator stocked with PB&J and fruit, and even a bike shop.

On the road again.

Trailer selfie cam.

Jefferson City has a sweet spur trail into the city with a nice ramp and ped/bike path over the bridge.

This is our first stop for the night.

This was a nice place to hitch your horse…or bike.

Home of the pumpkin festival.

Our home for the night, city park.

Day 2.

Great place for breakfast, and COFFEE!

Wildlife on the trail.

Break time.

We ride along the Missouri River.

Nice Thai place along the trail.

Coopers Landing is a nice place for a stop and refreshments.

World famous Boathenge.

This was one of the first stops of the Pedaler’s Jamboree.

Here is where the spur will take you to Columbia in 9 miles.

This is the ginormous burr oak tree. 

Katfish Katy’s has a store, campground, and beer.😀

Decisions, decisions.

4 person tandem bike.

This is one of the coolest places along the Katy.

Great lunch spot.

Wood fired pizza and bread! 

Tunnel at Rocheport.

Time for a break!

Caboose along the trail.

Day 3.

We stayed in a hotel in Boonville the second night.

I-70 bridge.

There is a Caseys General Store here for breakfast or lunch.

Very scenic.

Another tunnel.

This is the next to last stop. Very remote stop here.

Nice views.

End of the road!

The depot in Sedalia has a bike and gift shop.

107 miles! Yay!

Our route.

Trip was a success! Disc Trucker was flawless. B.O.B. trailer was great, but I could have left some stuff at home. Total weight I was carrying = 85lbs.


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